Ser Vinter (Armored)


Ser Vinter (Unarmored)


Ser Vinter (Valravn)

Full Name: Ser Torbjørn Vinter

Ser Vinter (Formal Nickname)

Toby (Common Nickname)

Bjarne (Common Nickname)

Tor (Common Nickname)

Vin/Vinny (Uncommon Nickname)

Toblerone (Rare Nickname ; Lovers Only)

Gender: Male
Current Age: Indeterminate (Claims to be about 35 when asked)
Birthday: December 4
Species: Valravn

6'9" (Human)

18'11" (Feral)

Body Type: Toned ; Muscular
Orientation: Demi-Pansexual
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Birthplace: Denmark (9th Century) (Speaks Danish & Old East Norse)

Agnethe Jonasen (Mother ; Deceased)

Espen Jonasen (Father ; Deceased)

Lovers: Anja Vinter (Wife ; Deceased)

Solefald (English)





Ser Vinter is a true lone wolf at his core, preferring to keep to himself and far away from civilization entirely, though he stays relatively close to be able to visit with his friends and loved ones. When first approached, Ser Vinter will typically keep his distance with strangers, though he feels much more comfortable with getting physically closer to people he knows well enough. When it comes to strangers, he will often hang back and observe them from afar, as if evaluating them before deciding whether or not to make his presence known. He addresses others in a warm and polite manner, and comes off as very friendly and personable even though he is really not much of a people person.  

Because his ritual to be able to take on the form of a knight was interrupted and ultimately botched, Ser Vinter perpetually exists at a crux of duality between his humanoid and feral forms, both physically and mentally. He has managed to reign in his feral nature for the most part through sheer force of will, and such will primarily revert to his primal instincts in the throes of starvation or when he feels truly threatened. However, he can only stay in his human form for a limited amount of time each day, which he can either divide into intervals or for a singular len of time. When his body is unable to keep up his human shape any longer, he forcefully reverts back to his feral form. Even in his feral form his personality hardly changes, save for when he’s very hungry, in which he becomes easily agitated and very aggressive until he can find a means of sating himself.  

He’s loathe to let others touch him in unless he knows them well enough to trust them.Years upon years of being shut away from contact with other beings have severely diminished his social skills, as such he is often confused and unsure of himself when it comes to interacting with others. Having to try to adjust to modern society after being asleep for hundreds of centuries certainly doesn’t help much either. As such, Ser Vinter mainly prefers living in more natural setting, especially large wooded areas that are fairly reminiscent of his old home. He despises the bright lights and constant noise of the large modern day cities, finding them to be a significant annoyance and an utterly confusing mess to even try understand given his lack of knowledge about the society of today. As such he can be seen as extremely old-fashioned when it comes to his character in general, from his mannerisms to even his choice of decor around his abode.

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