Escapade 1: The Last Straw (Summary)Edit

Escapade 2: Cannibal Killers (Summary)Edit

Escapade 3: When In Rome (Summary)Edit

Escapade 4: Mass-Saw-Cre (Summary)Edit

Escapade 5: Undead End (Summary)Edit

Escapade 6: Down With The Sickness (Summary)Edit

Escapade 7: Weather Or Not (Summary)Edit

Escapade 8: Howling For Mercy (Summary)Edit

Escapade 9: World War Three (Summary)Edit

Escapade 10: End Of The Line (Summary)Edit

Escapade 11: Rest In Pieces (Summary)Edit

Alternate Ending (Summary)Edit

Side Story 1: Bullet For My ValentineEdit

Side Story 2: Ashes To AshesEdit