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049 (Normal)

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049 (True Form)


049 (Human)

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049 (Anthro)

Full Name: Unknown (Says it's unable to be pronounced in their tongue)

Doc (usually by Skully)


SCP-049 / 049


Gender: Male
Age: Unknown (Since the beginning of time)
Species: SCP Creature
Height: 6'03"
Body Type: Slender/Average
Orientation: Pansexual
Birthplace: Unknown
Family: None

Skully (boyfriend)

SCP-105 (girlfriend)

Introduced: Brazil 2


049 is dressed in black, leathery clothing - a trench coat that seems to form a dress-like bottom, an upper piece that goes around the neck, gloves, and boots - as well as a ceramic, white mask that looks like an avian's beak. There's a belt-like piece around his waist with a few pouches that stays snug against his body as well.

For accessories, he carries a few vials, bottles, and a scalpel in his side pouches on the belt pouches.

On occasion, the mask and leather clothing make up his body, but on normal circumstances, while he has never taken anything but the mask off, his eyes seem to be human-like and are a dark blue. His eyes seem to glow brighter the happier he is. The only other clue seems to be that he has three fingers.

Underneath his mask can vary as far as appearance goes; either human with some long, black hair or an animal-like skull with eyes. The skull variety also changes to what he wants it to be.

Most of his "clothing" does not budge, but the middle of his trench coat opens up if unbuttoned, showing complete darkness from which he can put things in and take things out at will. His lower buttons right below the belt can be unbuttoned allowing him to have [REDACTED] with his mate.

When out, it's shown to be pure black with spines all over, but that do no cause pain.


049 tends to keep a polite and calm demeanor in any circumstance.

He tends to dismiss any and all medications and cures as insignificant compares to his own.

Upon running into a human being, he may or may not try to kill them, but this is based on if he thinks they have the plague. It's unknown how he decides this and what it's based on.

When angry, he will remain his calm and polite demeanor, but will resort to asking them to stop. If he becomes enraged (especially if someone he cares about is in trouble or kiled), he will began attacking them without mercy.

Love and RomanceEdit


Abilities and SkillsEdit

  • Can manipulate his body to change what his face looks like behind the mask or when his clothes are part of his body (including the mask itself)
  • Knows how to cure anything (including the incurable diseases and sicknesses like cancer and AIDS)
  • Can simply touch someone's bare, furred, scaled, etc. skin and either make them pass out or kill them
  • Can use someone that's passed out or dead to create a zombie "follower" that will fight for him.
  • Inner body's own dimension can store anything that fits through his trench coat and can be pulled out later. Holds unlimited space and living things that go inside can be inside for an unlimited amount of time without expiring.
  • Since he speaks with telepathy, he can simply talk to one person while in a group if he pleases.
  • He can perform very complicated surgeries with ease.