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Ratchet (Normal)

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Ratchet (Human)

Real Full Name: Ratchet Calloway
Coma Full Name: Ratchet
Nicknames: Gadget (James)
Gender: Male
Current Age: 25
Birthday: August 5
Species: Lombax

5'01" (normal)

5'01 (human)

Body Type: Slender
Orientation: Bisexual
Birthplace: Fastoon
Family: Unnamed (father; deceased)
Lovers: Skully (husband)
"Voice Actor":
Introduced: Russia 8


Ratchet looks exactly as he does in the games, but most of the time, he wears boots, pants, and some top; he goes without his helmet a lot since Skully really likes his hair.


Ratchet is a kidder; he likes to mess with people, but not in a mean way. He's also sarcastic on occasion.

He loves to help others in need, but he will decline a request if he sees fit.

Under normal circumstances, Clank would always be with him; however, if he's spending time with Skully, then Clank is somewhere else (most of the time).

Ratchet flirts a lot with Skully and often goes too far in public with the flirting.

Due to Skully helping him defeat his arch-nemisis, he has a lot of free time which he spends inventing, upgrading, and fixing up things. Sometimes he'll collaborate with Kazza to work on new projects, the Kadabra's intellectual aptitude working in a nice balance with Ratchet's humor and sarcasm. He does go out on occasion to assist planets in danger.

He seems to have a love for dancing, but only does it around Skully.

Ratchet has a sense of humor and although the jokes are sometimes cheesy, more often than not, they're cleverly placed.

Love and RomanceEdit

Ratchet likes people who are fun, unpredictable, and caring.

For romance, he's up for nearly anything, but he is considered one of the best at romance even when he forgets certain things. He often gives flowers, chocolates, takes them on dates to nice places, and even out in space for missions. He's fun, playful, a teaser, and likes to poke fun at his lovers in relationships. When he's with his lovers, nothing upsets him more or quicker than when someone is hurting the ones he loves (emotionally or physically). Anything that his lover views as important, he makes note of and includes it in his top priorities. He's a good comforter, but he usually makes them laugh to feel better. He loves cudding and extended hugs.

Flirting-wise, Ratchet doesboth verbal flirts and physical flirts, but usually does it indirectly.


  • Family
  • Lovers
  1. Skully (In depth ---> Ratchet and Skully)
  2. Sly Cooper
  • Friends
  1. Clank
  2. Stitch
  3. Garrus
  4. Doug
  5. Legion
  6. Kazza
  • Other
  1. Edward

Abilities and SkillsEdit

Basic Theme SongsEdit

  • Life Theme
  • Love Theme
    • Short Stack - Planets
    • The Wanted - Glad You Came
  • Sexual Theme
  • Fighting Theme


  • Expressions

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  • Behavior

Woken Up Early (picture)

Playing Guitar (picture)

Teasing (picture)

Kissing (picture)

Fanboying/Mocking (picture)

Flirting (picture)

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  • Fighting

Gun/Survival (picture)

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  • Appearance

Gijinka (picture)

Gijinka (picture)

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