Sabertooth 1 Censored

Ceralith (Censored)

Ceralith copy

Ceralith (Full Body Reference)

Real Full Name: Ceralith H. Taylor

Cera (General)

Fangs (Friends & Lovers)

Mon Amour (Nishka)

Gender: Female
Age: 38
Birthday: June 7
Species: Sabertooth
Height: 8'5"
Body Type: Thickset ; Muscular


Bisexual (Certain types of males)

Alignment: Chaotic Good
Birthplace: Canada, Quebec (Speaks Fluent French & English)

Aeva Briggs (Adopted Mother)

Elise Taylor (Adopted Mother ; Deceased)

[REDACTED] ('Creator' ; Adopted Father)


Nishka Koranov (Wife)

"Voice Actor":


Shania Twain



Ceralith's fur is a silver-blue in color, similar to that of a Russian Blue cat, fading to a lighter hue along the bottom of her muzzle, pawpads, and underside and a darker hue on the stripes. Her hair is a platinum blonde color, and is almost always kept in a short, bobbed cut with sideswept bangs. Occasionally she will grow it out, and Ceralith is the type who often won't cut her hair until it gets too long for her to maintain regular care of. When her hair gets long enough, Ceralith will often tie it back into a plaited braid or let it hang loose. Ceralith's eyes are a bright blue color, like that of the summer sky, but the hue changes noticeably depending on what emotion she is experiencing. Her eyes will become brighter when she is feeling happy or curious, and will darken to a deeper hue when she is angry or gloomy. She often paints her claws a different color on a regular basis, usually every week, other times she leaves them uncolored. 

Clothing-wise, Ceralith's casual clothes consist of a deep purple tube top with dark denim jeans and a dark colored newsboy-styled cap. She wears a black choker with a silver-colored pentacle charm hanging off of it, and she has two helix and an orbital piercing in her right ear. It should be noted that Ceralith almost always wear shirts that don't cover her midriff, with the exception of when she wears suits or dresses for special outings.


Love & RomanceEdit