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Auron (Normal)

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Auron (Human)

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Auron (Mega)

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Auron (Human; Mega)

Real Full Name: Alan C. Walker
Coma Full Name: Auron
Nicknames: None
Gender: Male
Current Age: 24
Birthday: July 1


Mega Lucario


6'11" (normal)

6'01" (human)

7'06" (mega)

6'03" (human)

Body Type: Muscular
Orientation: Bisexual
Birthplace: England (in the past) (no accent)
Family: None

Skully (boyfriend)

Neo (boyfriend)

Amber (girlfriend)

Sir Aaron (boyfriend)

Voice: Justin Timberlake
Introduced: Story 7


Auron looks like a normal Lucario, but much taller. This is due to experimentation.

Despite the fact that there's no descerning markings keeping him from looking like any other Lucario, he is in fact, the one Sir Aaron had befriended in the past.

He dresses exactly like Neo as they are dance partners; dark grey suit and tie with a Fedora with some black.

He has a Mega form, but rarely uses it unless he needs to or his lovers/friends really want to see it.


Auron is bound by honor to accept help as he needs it, to repay debts, and to treat others with respect until proven they don't deserve it. This being said, he has a tendency to bow when meeting someone new.

He's calm and down to Earth almost at all times, but shows emotion very often.

He has no speech problems from the switch from old English to current English.

He has a love for chocolate and won't turn it down if offered some.

Any time he switches into his Mega form without being asked to, it means that a fight is about to go down and it's going to be brutal; otherwise, he fights in his normal form.

Love and RomanceEdit

Auron doesn't fall for someone unless he completely respects them. If anything is done prior to lose his respect at any given time, he won't even give them the chance.

For romance, he often does things revolving around roses (rose petals, dancing with a rose, bouquets of roses, etc.) and dancing (mainly ballroom, but will do any kind). He likes to give a lot of hugs and cuddles quite a bit, but those are the only main forms of affection. Since he has a chest spike, sometimes he has to adjust himself to a position where the spike isn't poking his lovers.

Like Cobalt, he flirts, but only respectfully and sometimes poetically.

Something to note, is that he constantly has his aura-reading ability in use and can use this to read emotions; if he suspects someone of being into him, he'll confront them about it, but not in front of everyone else (for their sake). Also along these lines is the ability to sense whether or not they're happy. If someone is sad, he can sense it and will comfort them. Oddly enough, no matter how far his lover is, he can sense their aura (which doesn't apply to others), so if they're in danger, he can sense their fear and come running to help.