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Assassin (Normal)

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Assassin (Human)

Real Full Name:

Brandon G. Laker
Coma Full Name: Brandon Laker
Nicknames: Assassin
Gender: Male

18 (Season 2)

18-19 (Season 3)

23-24 (Season 4)

24-25 (Season 5)

25 (Season 6)

25-26 (Season 7)

Birthplace: November 4
Species: Scrafty

5'07" (anthro)

4'02" (feral)

5'07" (human)

Body Type: Slender
Orientation: Bisexual
Birthplace: New York

Ninja (father)

Unnamed (mother; deceased)


Skully (Husband)

Henry Kage (Boyfriend)

Introduced: Episode 5

Narcisstic Personaliy Disorder (Cured)

Drug Addiction (All; Cured; Smokes weed)


Rather than having a flat face, Assassin has a snout. Said snout has snake bites piercings, and a nose ring. His tongue is also pierced. His tongue is jet black.

He wears black and purple Tripp pants and a white T-shirt with a black Above The Influence design on the front.

He never wears shoes at any time.

Normally, we wears a black and white striped scarf.

Although not seen, he has many weapons hidden on him; guns, knives, traps, bombs, etc.


Assassin is very self-centered. Everything has to be about him. When it's not that, it's usually instigating others.

He likes to show off, and since he's a trained assassin, his agility, dodging skills, accuracy, speed, reflexes, etc. are extremely heightened.

Despite all of the above, he will save others when they need it and will usually put others before his own safety.

When family is brought up, he shows a completely unnatural side where he becomes sad, upset, and won't talk; sometimes will say he's going for a walk to escape the conversation.

He is capable of being nice, but normally, someone would have to say something to him; unless you're his lover or friend, he probably won't care. With lovers, he will apologize and try to do better, but has a hard time with it. With friends, he doesn't normally have that problem, but they will point it out sometimes.

Due to constant drug use of all kinds since he was a child, his body gained a tolerance for everything; his body won't function properly if he DOESN'T have drugs in his system. Without drugs, he's sluggish, tired, and bad at fighting. On drugs, he's quick, an expert fighter, and his normal self.

Assassin is only scared of three things: 1, death (dying, not Grim's father). 2, losing someone TO death (again, not Grim's father). 3, snowfields (due to how he died in Season 3).


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