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Amethyst (Early on)

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Amethyst (Later on)

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Amethyst (Human; classy)

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Amethyst (Human; light armor)

Real Full Name: Austin O. Anthrony
Coma Full Name: Amethyst
Nicknames: None
Gender: Male
Current Age: 27
Birthday: December 24
Species: Genesect

7'02" (feral)

7'02" (anthro)

5'10" (human)

Body Type: Bulky
Orientation: Pansexual
Birthplace: United States (Lab)
Family: None

Skully (crush)

Voice: Imperative Reaction
Introduced: Episode 5


Amethyst looks mostly the same as a normal Genesect; his body is somewhat more blocky in the face than rounded later on, however.

His mouth can move, but not to show expression; simply to talk (although he usually uses telepathy) and to eat.


Amethyst is generally worried about what others think about him; usually things like his voice, appearance, and past.

Much like Mewtwo, he was an experiment, but unlike him, he didn't question his existence; only felt like a failure that was never finished. He feels like a monster sometimes with his robotic voice (which he had before and doesn't anymore), his large size, his robotic parts combined with organic parts, and the fact that he was created in a lab.

Aside from all of this, he's very friendly and nice. He knows how to have fun and be carefree about everything else, but will nearly always come to the rescue of someone in trouble when no one else can.

Although unseen (but referenced), he was affected by The Dreamweavers (causing him to slowly lose control of his organic side and go completely full robot), but before they could get full control, he committed suicide by jumping into a lake to drown himself. Despite Black saying there was no way for him to come back, he did come back in Season 5 to save Skully's life and was going to leave again, but decided to stay after Skully begged him to. He cried afterwards, finally achieving happiness because someone loved him despite what a monster he was (or thought he was, anyways).

Love and RomanceEdit

Amethyst is only interested in Skully (much like how Gyra only loves Sparkx).

For romance, he gives lots of affection (mainly hugs and cuddling). He will often take his lover on "joyrides" (his term for letting his lover ride on him while he flies around in his disk-like shape or feral/anthro form). Because he's so in love with Skully and is somewhat lonely, he often just wants to spend time with him and doesn't care what the activity is.

He doesn't flirt due to his low self-esteem, but he will compliment shyly.